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How can Brokered By Brandon help me sell my murrine and millefiori related items:

If you are looking to sell or perhaps just refresh/upgrade your collection, Brokered By Brandon can provide you with two options: direct sale or consignment. Please feel free to send an email to us with details and photos of what you are looking to sell and we would love to discuss which option might be best for your individual situation.


We offer two options to sell your murrine:

Direct sale: in a direct sale, we offer a percentage of today’s retail value as a lump-sum payment to you. After first analyzing the photos of your items, we will provide you with a range of estimated value. This is then followed up with our final offer upon physical examination.
Consignment: our consignment option starts by us reviewing the photos of your items to determine if we are able to assist in selling your murrine related objects based on our areas of expertise, as well as if the items meet our quality standards. Once the consigner agreement has been signed by all parties, and the item(s) have been shipped to and received by us, we will then actively offer the items or collection for sale. After the sale, you will receive a percentage of the final sales price which will be outlined in the signed agreement.


How to get started with selling:

We ask that you please email us photographs of your murrine or murrine related object that you’re interested in selling - making sure to send photos of the items from all angles - along with dimensions and condition. Photos should be taken in a well-lit area with a clear image.


How to best send your murrine items to us:

Once a consignment agreement has been signed, or our direct offer has been accepted, we will provide detailed instructions and recommendations on how to best package and ship your items to us. It is highly recommended that you insure your packages for an amount that you would feel comfortable receiving in the unfortunate event of a shipping carrier losing your package. We typically recommend using the United States Postal Service for domestic shipments and DHL for international. If Brokered By Brandon incurs any duty and customs fees, those fees will be deducted from the final sales proceeds or from our direct offer.


If you have additional questions about selling your individual items or entire collection, please send us a message directly through our “Contact Us” page or email

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