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Giacomo Franchini - Murrine of Cavour

Giacomo Franchini - Murrine of Cavour




    Giacomo Franchini - Murrine of Cavour


    Year: 1862


    Dimensions: 8mm x 8mm x 2mm


    Giovanni Sarpellon - Miniature Masterpieces, Mosaic Glass 1838-1924 (English edition)

    • Portrait of Cavour - Page 82, fig 641


    Cavour, fig 641 - Exact example on display at the Museo del Vetro (Murano Glass Museum) in Venice, Italy




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    Item #: 1005


    The Franchini Family


    The Franchinis were father and son Venetian glass workers in the mid-1800s. Giacomo Franchini (the son of Giovanni Battista Franchini) worked with his father to create elaborate millefiori canes that incorporated floral patterns and figurative images. His most recognizable and exceptional murrine are those depicting the portraits of the heroes on the Risorgimento – Garibaldi, Cavour, and Victor Emmanuel II – as well as Napoleon III and Emperor Franz Joseph.

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