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Loren Stump murrine Madonna of the Rocks Goldstone

Loren Stump - Madonna Portrait Murrine in Goldstone





    Loren Stump - Madonna Portrait Murrine in Goldstone


    Year: 2014


    Dimensions: 26.5mm x 22.6mm x 3.9mm

    1.04in x 0.89in x 0.15in




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    Item #: 1143


    Loren Stump


    Loren Stump is a native of Sacramento, California who began his glass working career over 40 years ago. Starting with stained glass, Loren later progressed his skills as a glass artist into contemporary paperweights, elaborately detailed sculptures, and most notably an absolute mastery of murrine. One of his most stunning and technically complex murrine to date is his rendition of Leonardo da Vinci’s painting, “Madonna of the Rocks”. Loren is also known for inventing a number of innovative tools and techniques throughout the glass industry, one of which is his ability to manipulate and carve 2 dimensional murrine into 3 dimensional forms. His artwork can be viewed in several museums throughout the world including the Corning Museum of Glass, The Ertz Israel Museum, and the Kyokei Fujita Glass Museum.


    Brokered By Brandon is an Authorized Dealer of Loren Stump.

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