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Ulderico Moretti - Rooster Head Murrine with Blue Breast

Ulderico Moretti - Rooster Head Murrine with Blue Breast





    Ulderico Moretti - Rooster Head Murrine with Blue Breast, 1922-1923


    Year: 1922


    Dimensions: 26.9mm x 25.7mm x 3.7mm

    (1.06in x 1.01in x 0.14in)


    Rooster Head Murrine with Blue Breast - Exact example on display at the Museo del Vetro (Murano Glass Museum) in Venice, Italy


    Item #: 1111



    The Moretti Family


    The Moretti Family was and still is one of the most recognizable names in the glass world. In Murano in the 19th century, Vincenzo Moretti (1835-1901) played a significant role in introducing murrine glass to the island. Vincenzo revitalized the Roman and Alexandrian technique in creating these murrine, which earned him the gold medal at the second Murano glass exhibition in 1869. 


    Vincenzo and his son Luigi (1867-1946) also worked closely together on many of their glass creations, with some of the first Moretti murrine produced being various geometric patterns, animals, and flowers. These were soon followed by portraits of well-known figures including King Vittorio Emanuele II, King Umberto I, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Emperor Francis Joseph, and William of Prussia, as well as a self-portrait of Vincenzo, the Madonna, Pope Leo XIII, and Christopher Columbus.


    The family’s love and dedication to the murrine artform continues through generations with Ulderico (1892-1956) who won numerous prizes and awards for his own works. One of Ulderico’s most recognizable and influential murrina is his image of a rooster head, which adorns the cover of Giovanni Sarpellon’s book “Miniature Masterpieces: Mosaic Glass, 1838-1924”.


    Today, the daughter of Ulderico – Giusy Moretti – continues her family’s legacy with her beautiful, one-of-a-kind precious jewelry which often contains glass murrina from Vincenzo, Luigi, and Ulderico. These items and other Moretti glass artwork from the family can be viewed in galleries and museums throughout the world, most notably the Museo del Vetro in Venice, Italy.

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